Performance progress of National Project for Social, Human and Local development “ Mashroaak” 2015-2016

  • The national project for social, human and local development  “ Mashroaak” was launched in 2015, since then, 54727 projects  have already been executed with the value of 2,335 billion Egyptian pounds.
  • Currently 4,204 projects are being studied to be implemented with the value of 352,705 million Egyptian pounds.
  • The summation of all previously mentioned projects is 58,931 with total value of 2,687 billion pounds.
  • Assuming that the average cost to create a job opportunity in a small, medium and micro enterprise is 10000 pounds, therefore the above mentioned project has created up till now 250000 real job opportunities.
  • According to the reports assembled from nationwide  governorates and  participating banks, project beneficiaries are so far as follows:

– 60 % under the age of 40

– 40% above the age of 40

– 68% males 32 % females

  • Statistics also show that about 60 % of the projects are in commercial sector, 20 %  in agricultural sector, 12 % in service sector and 8% in industrial sector.
  • Menya, Behira, Sharkya, Sohag & Dakahlya are considered governorates with the highest performance rates.