NCCPIM&TIP issues Guidelines for the Protection of Egyptian Workers Abroad from Trafficking in Persons.



The National Coordinating Committee for Combating and Preventing Illegal Immigration and Trafficking in Persons (NCCPIM&TIP), issued a booklet comprising update of the “Guidelines for the Protection of Egyptian Workers Abroad from Trafficking in Persons”.

The crime of trafficking in persons takes many forms, but exploitation is a common factor in all of them. Given the possibility that Egyptian workers abroad may be subject to practices that could sometimes be characterized as exploitation, the Committee has been keen since 2012 to issue a guide to protect Egyptian workers abroad.

In light of local, regional and international changes, the purpose of updating the guide is: 1) to familiarize workers abroad with their legal rights to protect them from all forms of exploitation;  2) to clarify the role of relevant Ministries in this field; and 3) to provide information and necessary steps to be taken when such a problem is encountered.

This update comes within the framework of the Egyptian government’s concern in combating trafficking in persons as a transnational crime, whose magnitude is linked to globalization, with what it entails of rapid contacts between countries and individuals. The recent period has witnessed the continuity of the national efforts in this area, with several steps taking place at the legislative, judicial and executive levels, including a proposal of establishing a fund for assistance to Victim of Trafficking in Persons which is finalized by NCCPIM&TIP to be sent to the Cabinet.