SERVICES FOR Branding of the public awareness campaign to combat irregular migration of Egyptians


In March 2014, the Government of Egypt set up the inter-ministerial National Coordinating Committee to Combat and Prevent Illegal Migration (NCCPIM) through a Prime Ministerial decree. The Committee acts as the government focal point for policies and governmental efforts in the field of combating and preventing irregular migration. NCCPIM requested IOM’s support for the development of a national awareness raising campaign as part of its National Action Plan. For this purpose, a media strategy was elaborated which will serve to guide NCCPIM in the implementation of its national awareness raising campaign. The strategy identifies the specific target audiences and the best means of reaching them, including campaign statements and messages. The awareness raising campaign for NCCPIM will provide sending communities with information on migrant exploitation and abuse, the risks associated with irregular migration, including that of unaccompanied minors, and trafficking in persons, in order to discourage irregular migration. 2. Objectives IOM issues this Request for Proposals for an Implementing Partner for the branding of the NCCPIM’s national awareness raising campaign to combat irregular migration of Egyptians. The selected Implementing Partner will develop branding guidelines and different branding elements, including the master visual concept and various printed materials for the awareness raising campaign. The branding assignment will support NCCPIM in the implementation of its awareness raising strategy.

the Implementing Partner will develop branding elements based on NCCPIM’s awareness raising strategy, and target the branding elements at the identified awareness raising campaign audiences. The selected Implementing partner is expected to analyze and review past awareness raising campaigns and their materials (incl. logos), in order to revise NCCPIM’s logo and its visibility materials. The selected
Implementing Partner is expected to provide the following deliverables:
Ø Develop the overall branding theme and master visual concept for the public awareness campaign; Ø Develop the campaign logo and slogan; Ø Conduct focus groups among target audiences to test the logo, slogan, brand character/visual, and campaign messages; Ø Develop illustrations visualizing the dangers of the irregular migration; o Apply the master visual concept to develop posters with different campaign messages targeting potential irregular migrants and parents; leaflets targeting potential irregular migrants; T-shirts, caps and banners to be used at public events Ø Conduct focus groups among target audiences to test visibility materials and their content among the target audiences; Ø Develop branding guidelines manual for all printed materials of the awareness raising campaign; Ø Liaise and provide technical support to NCCPIM, liaise with Egypt’s State Information Services and IOM Headquarters Media and Communications Division, as necessary; Ø Ensure that awareness raising campaign branding elements are in line with NCCPIM, EU, and IOM’s media and visibility guidelines.