Adoption of a national comprehensive Strategy on Combating and Preventing Illegal Migration.

The Way Forward

i) Based on the achievements of NCCPIM during the last two years, the committee has recently launched the preliminary phase of drafting a Comprehensive Strategy on Combating and Preventing Illegal Migration. A workshop will be held on the 1st and 2nd of February to NCCPIM members on “The Best Approaches in Developing National Strategies on Combating Illegal Migration”. The strategy shall take into full consideration the National Development Plan 2030. The drafting Process shall be made with the participation of all the national entities members of NCCPIM in order to reach a consensus on the vision, goals and best approaches to implement the strategy.

ii) The Developmental aspect is a key element for any successful strategy to combat illegal migration. Therefore, NCCPIM will give high priority to encourage national entities and private sector as well as international partners adopting initiatives aiming at creating new job opportunities, providing fund for small and micro enterprises, and enhancing technical and vocational training. One of NCCPIM planned activity under its campaign “Egypt is your future” is to prepare a booklet on the alternatives available nationwide that could help youth in improving their social and economic conditions.

iii) Creating partnerships with the Civil Society and Private sector is viewed as a cornerstone in our future activities as they represent key stakeholders in the fight against illegal Migration.

iv) Support of the development Partners Group to NCCPIM activities will strength the Committee capability to reach its goals. NCCPIM will keep its positive engagement with all the interested partners to develop projects aiming at combating illegal migration on the national and region level.

v) Cooperation between The National Coordinating Committee for Preventing and Combating Illegal Migration and the Egyptian Radio for awareness raising on the dangers of Illegal Migration:Nadia Mabrouk Chairperson of the Egyptian Radio signed an agreement with Ambassador Naela Gabr Chairperson Of the national coordinating committee for preventing and combating illegal migration affiliated to the Cabinet to broadcast a program entitled “Youth and The Unknown “ on the youth and sports station. The program is focusing on raising awareness of the dangers of Illegal Migration and highlighting its tragic consequences as well as presenting possible alternatives that can guarantee a decent life for youth in their own country.

vi) Signing of a MOU between the National Coordinating Committee on Preventing and Combating Illegal Migration and the National Council for Human Rights