Changing the Lives of Egyptians: A Story of Success


Sharqiya, 10 April 2016 – “I am generally a person who does not like to take risks. The idea of changing my job was scary. Now, a few months into the new job, I can say that this has been one of the best decisions I have made,” said Hani, one of IOM’s employment programs beneficiaries.

Hani is a 33-year old Egyptian who had spent the first 12 years of his career working for in a manufacturing company in 10th of Ramadan City as a Shift Chief. Few years after joining this company, Hani got married and was blessed with a beautiful little girl, Mariam. As a person who hates taking risks and with a family that needs a fixed monthly income, Hani never thought about changing his job. The company was acquired by a foreign investor, the management changed, and still Hani did not consider looking for another job even though everyone including himself was complaining about the deteriorating working conditions. Hani’s physical and psychological well-being were negatively affected until one day his blood pressure increased significantly causing him a severe nasal bleed. Only then did Hani decide to quit and look for a better job opportunity.

After working for a little more than a year in various small jobs not relevant to his area of expertise, Hani was successfully employed as a distribution agent through the Sharqia Employment Center, commissioned by IOM under one of its European Union funded project in coordination with the National Employment Pact (NEP) and the Youth Association for Population and Development (YAPD).

It all started one night when Hani was talking with some friends in a local cafeteria and ran into NEP-YAPD employment center volunteers who were promoting the training for employment programme. The first question that came to Hani’s mind was, “what’s behind the free service?” After learning that the service is free and that he had nothing to lose if he tried the programme, Hani was enrolled in the training programme and showed great potential.

Shortly after completing the program, Hani had a series of interviews at one of Egypt’s top local manufacturers of electric appliances where he was hired immediately. Not only was Hani excited about the new job, but also grateful for receiving better remuneration including social insurance.

“This decision has marked a new beginning in my life. This job is way less stressful than the previous one; and with the extra income I am earning, I can save more to cover for the expenses of my baby boy who is expected to arrive to our family in July,” concluded Hani.